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Midea Lighting returns to LED market again

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After the Three-year wait, Midea Lighting returns to LED market again. Recently, Midea Lighting launched nearly 200 units of new models, covering residential lighting, commercial lighting, electrical, light, LED, etc., which initiates a new round of impact on LED industry.

Midea Lighting, founded in 2008, was the original part of Microwave oven Division, it with some experience in products and channels was upgraded as Midea Lighting Electric Manufacturing Co,.Ltd in December of 2009. In June of 2010, Midea Lighting Electric took over Jiangxi ELEGANT Lighting Co., Ltd., and planned to invest 500 million Yuan to establish new light base in Jiangxi, which caused a sensation in the industry.

However, like TCL, Haier and other household appliances predators rushed into the lighting industry, the entry of Midea Lighting had initially brought a brief panic to traditional lighting companies, but then fell into the plight of war and back. By the end of 2012, Midea Lighting was merged into the central air-conditioning Division, and began to conduct internal integration, and mainly focused on the core issue of product quality.


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