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Sapphire Ingot Production Program with Investments of 1 Billion Settles Down Inner Mongolia

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Recently, the sapphire ingot production project with an annual output of 25 million millimeters constructed by Inner Mongolia Jinghuan Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. has settled down Hohhot.

The project construction land covers 106 acres, and the total investment of this program is 1.03 billion Yuan, a sapphire production base in the scale of 400 units of sapphire furnaces will be established, and the annual output of this sapphire production base is about 25.63 million millimeters of Sapphire Ingot (converted into 2-inch ingot), and it will be the first sapphire Ingot scale production base around China after this program is completed.

It is reported that Inner Mongolia Jinghuan Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is jointly established by Zhejiang Jinsheng Electric Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor.


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